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A Digital Collective Working together with you

At the core of Oil Internet is a close-knit team, with each member taking responsibility for overseeing their individual areas of expertise. We have over 75 years of web experience between us, so can react to most requirements and are comfortable taking projects on at any stage.

We also work closely with an extended network of expert partners in related areas and can therefore expand and contract as needed by the projects upon which we are working.

We feel this relatively streamlined structure allows us to provide the many services required by our diverse client base, whilst keeping us flexible, fast-moving and competitive.

Core team

  • Peter Hislop Production
  • Andrew Goodson Project Management
  • Erik Lindegren Programming
  • Appollinaire Egny Technical
  • Henrik Hilker Design
  • David Bowen SEO

Peter Hislop


Peter is responsible for the planning and co-ordination of all technical issues, programming and database design. He is also a Company Director.

Peter has been involved in the development and production of websites since 1998. He has extensive experience in the initial planning, development and building of sites and has an excellent understanding of programming requirements.

Peter previously worked for whatsonsale.com and ifyoutravel, as well as having worked as a freelance web developer.

He has a BSc (Hons) in Geology from Kingston University.

Andrew Goodson

Project Management

Andrew oversees much of our project management, ensuring that we are always completely in-step with our clients. He also is responsible for the writing, editing and/or assimilation of all textual content on our web projects. Andrew will work with you on the crucial initial planning that goes into each of our projects and subsequently be a main point of contact as your web project takes shape.

Andrew has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and an MSc (distinction) in the Psychology of Education from the Institute of Education in London.

Erik Lindegren


Erik is responsible for the implementation of all technical issues, programming and database design.

He has an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. He has been working professionally as a web developer since 2001.

Experienced in: Ada, Assembler, Basic, C, C++, Coldfusion, Java, Javascript, Laravel, Lisp, PHP, Ruby

Appollinaire Egny


Appollinaire is a web developer with advanced HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL skills and he specialises in both campaign sites and email construction. Appollinaire is comfortable working in: slicing PSD files into clean, browser-compliant code, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Access / SQL Server, Javascript, Ajax, jquery, Json, WordPress, Drupal, HTML emails, XML, Python, ASP and Perl, Linux, Windows and Mac, web servers, domain name servers, mail servers and Bash/Shell/DOS scripting.

Appollinaire has worked in credit card and airline/travel industries as a software developer, mainly developing applications for American Express and Virgin Atlantic. He has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems from Oxford Brookes University.

Henrik Hilker


Henrik oversees and implements creative and design work. He qualified as a graphic designer in 1993, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Moderns in Paris in 1994, and has excelled at the provision of clean, contemporary and forward-thinking design solutions ever since.

Henrik’s involvement begins at the outset of all web projects, ensuring that design, navigation and overall functionality are intuitive, intelligent and appealing. He also knows that client expertise is vital to the success of any web project and will ensure that your input is sought and valued.

David Bowen


David has been involved in search engine marketing since 2003 and has helped many businesses achieve higher search engine visibility. Key to this work is ensuring that client sites are fully optimised and, most importantly, they are built for people first and search engines second.

The search engine marketing landscape has altered substantially in the last decade and David’s remit is to ensure that campaigns are managed within the changing parameters of this landscape.

Take Time to Reflect


We concentrate on providing website designs that are clean, clear, contemporary and gimmick-free. A beautiful look and feel is pointless if your users can’t find the information they need quickly and easily.

Design is subjective. It’s highly personal, and there is rarely a right or a wrong. But there’s normally a best, and that is what we’ll aim to create in collaboration with you.


We love to be involved in the design phase of our web projects. But if you’ve already settled on a look and feel and simply need someone to realise your concept, we are more than happy to do that, too.

We can take your designs – whether from Photoshop, InDesign, or just a sketch – and convert them to functional, responsive websites.


Bespoke programming isn’t always necessary. There are so many plug-ins, apps and APIs to be found on the market that sometimes the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective approach is the integration off-the-shelf elements.

However, when that perfect fix just isn’t available, we can sit with you to spec out and then deliver bespoke programming solutions. The perfect balance of freedom and control.


Branding involves a lot more than just your logo. It’s your text, fonts, colours, tone of voice, images, usability, the way you interact with your users and how they in turn engage with your brand.

You may have an established brand that needs refining, or perhaps you’re looking to develop an entirely new brand. Either way, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your user perceives your brand as you want it perceived.


Whether you are taking your first steps into e-commerce or looking to increase your existing online sales, we can provide you with all of the tools and support you will need. We focus on a handful of favoured open-source solutions, as well as providing a range of bespoke modules we’ve created for our clients’ unique requirements.


There are no search engine optimisation (SEO) short-cuts. People have tried and failed to cheat Google. For years. The only reliable strategy is to think clearly, plan well, work hard and spend time making changes as search engines evolve.

Some of our clients find it mind-numbingly dull. Others see it as an an irresistible challenge. We’re happy to respond to whatever your outlook on SEO happens to be.


Not all of our clients need their projects designed and/or built. Sometimes it’s just a question of keeping what they have – ensuring that everything is safe, secure and up-to-date.

As a result, we offer a range of maintenance packages – from light touch to 24/7. Whatever your level of cover, our aim is to provide you with both autonomy and support.

Collaborate to achieve We evolve with you

Our clients know a lot. So we’ll ask you to share your expertise while we work together. Our working hand-in-hand will guarantee satisfaction and ensure that your web project benefits from our shared knowledge.

Who We Work With Trusted clients across sectors and around the globe

We are fortunate enough to work with some wonderful people. Our clients operate in diverse realms and locations but all share the aim of delivering their messages effectively and efficiently.

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